BUNPI! - Watch Dogs

So do you think that I can only deal with indiegames? you dare to say that? do you really dare to have a thought like that?
well okay *okay face*

Watch Dogs
as seen in youtube.com

here it is, an awesome game by well-known ubisoft with an awesome game demo with an awesome voice acting within an awesome game. what?

Watch Dogs by Ubisoft is a game about ageless awesomeness of hack and slash shoot culture. The realism that it invokes while retaining the fantasy about future of technology and its misuse is awesome and freaking detailed. Listen to those whispers and arguing while the wind is blowing the litters off and proving that clothing physics does not have any apparent glitches.

This game is actually a scary presentation of what could happen and very realistic. The scenario is IMHO very possible to happen anytime soon a.k.a. fifty years. The color tone is ranging from Grand-Theft-Auto-ish to usual futuristic cyan hue hence it is less boring. The game demo however is highly detailed, I wonder whether the release will be as good as this demo.

and yes, the flapping coat is annoying as hell. you know, like anime-ish annoying?

Captain Obvious says :
well, another high budget game. about hacking and shooting.

fun fact : saw this in facebook actually