BUNPI! - Papo & Yo

when I saw a post mentioning Papo & Yo was announced in last year E3 and it seems that indiegames blog posted it before but I can't recall about this game at all. I realized, I was less slacking back then or I did get a Total Recall.

Papo & Yo

as seen in indiegamemag.com

Oh! Thank God! Finally a mature topic is being concerned by a grown up game developer.
Papo & Yo is a personal game by Vander Caballero which raises childhood abuse issue and presented in a unique environment, SoTC-ish slum. Magical realism as its best with puzzle platformer is simply captivating.

I love the art style, seriously, who the flock does not love unsaturated and earthly colors? Street art and graffiti with a splash of cultural element is genius enhancing realism that the sociopath player could not relate to. The sense of loneliness and minority is unmistakably invoking the same emotion that SoTC/Ico does. It is not released yet it looks fairly playable.

hey! isn't game all about the experience? like a depressing experience? child abu...nevermind

Captain Obvious says :
It is a freaking personal, artsy and beautiful puzzle game. what else could you ask? sixteen massive beings?

maybe in the future, I could make another type of posts called IMPIS, I Might Play It Soon.
nah I am too lazy for that.