BUNPI! : But yoU Never Play It!

well since, I should be posting things that are related to my interest and passion : game, so I guess I need to post something like a game review.

I do not play game. I just don't. Then how to justify my view? and review? then it came to my mind that I might just can do what I always do.
Watch, 'research', compare and then give an 'afterthought'

yup, I will be giving my crappy afterthought on the games around the interweb that caught my attention, and try to give my subjective view on it although ,as the title says, I never play it :)
here it goes,


as seen in indiegamemag.com

CHROMA is a neat platformer by Clawhammer Games that has a refreshing game mechanic.

The game grants the player ability to separate its own shady entity then crawling(not really) above the shadow-platform that was created by the other shiny frozen figure. Even though the art style is not outstanding (yet) the execution on the lighting effect and ambiance is satisfying despite the fact that the game is just an early gameplay footage, it is IMHO a promising game and worth to 'stalk'.

I am very disappointed with a comment that mentions this game is little bit Fez-y , it is not at all in my eyes, until I saw the itty bitty words. It is in a way Fez-ily awesome when it surprised me with the mechanic while I was concluding that it might be another so called silly-retro-game-that-I-just-made. And one more thing, there was no awesome red hat hence not Fez.

ah yeah, I am overreacting :)

Captain Obvious says :
It has an unique game mechanic and the atmosphere is great, worth to follow.

well, that was my first BUNPI for today and ever, it turn out that I am actually a slow keyboard warrior(it took me an hour to write this!?)