BUNPI! - Praying Mantis Sex Fiend

well, for this piece since there was no any video footage so I actually played the games. Now do I need to change the blog post segmentation title?

Praying Mantis Sex Fiend
as seen in tigsource.com

I guess your mind is probably guessing that this game is just a simple geometrical time killing game, well, it is partly correct. Praying Mantis Sex Fiend is an abstract arcade game by WeAreSteven .

First of all, I personally enjoy a wide range of games from 3D freaking realistic awesome virtual reality games to a relatively simple game. This is the one of the so called simple games, could be called casual games in a way yet not angry-bird-ly stupid. It is masochistic and highly addictive like IWBTG yet it is way too far from being similar to IWBTG. The originality of how retro familiar mechanics are being put together is delightful. This game has indeed shown a thoughtful design while retaining the simplicity. The background and title itself add deeper depth that makes it almost like an art piece.

an abstract graphical presentation of a violent sexy orgy time is indeed artsy.

Captain Obvious says :
It is a highly addictive game with very fast learning curve and an insect rape.

why did I chose word: BUNPI? Because it sounds like bumping, catchy. :)

*edited in 14 June 2012 :
this post is left as how it is originally posted but I just add extra label on [PRESS ENTER] since I actually play the game