BUNPI! - Mercenary Kings

it turned out that I am quite busy to post blog posts every day, so well just skip the latest and catchiest post around the internet.
not cats.

Mercenary Kings
as seen in indiegamemag.com

If you think that this game is less catchy for your eyes, high five bro! We are on the same train. But why did I pick this game to be 'molested'? It is Mercenary Kings from the creator of Wizorb, as usual they are taking the old formula and improve it. I love it so I do it.

Once upon a timeline, I posted on the social network an article about "How To Quit Your Job And Be Success", most of the advice are cliche except one that I really agree upon. Be Unoriginal! Since it is already impossible to be original. This game which is paying tribute to metal slug presents itself with smooth pixel art animations, a reminiscence of an old time(not really) when everyone plays arcade game.

The mechanic encourage the player to loot and craft. It is the new overused modern formula that they add to the game and it fairly fit there. Congratulations! The design is being thought very well! The union is still being retained and it is quite visually pleasing. A good example of unoriginal but most likely to gain more attention on the internet.

Seriously? the poses? the idle animations? that headscarf? Craft?

Captain Obvious :
If you know Wizorb, then it is its young cousin from different genre.

to be honest I chose this game because I actually had a very very very similar idea to this game.
damn you lazy past me!