BUNPI! - Beat Juice Radio

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Beat Juice Radio
as seen in tigsource.com

Rhythm game is actually less favorable to get my eyes on yet Beat Juice Radio from stevesan is proving that, well, I am correct! it is less favorable not not-at-all.

First of all I admit, there is a sense of hippiness that makes me watching the video, the game screen is undeniable cool. Really, Look at the cool cat! And geeky side of mine is really attracted to the infinity symbol, it makes me curious about the mechanic. Voila! beside the cool visual and Se-nyan-tor Sinclair, the mechanic is quite clever or at least very functional by emphasizing in multiplayer aspect of the game.

Despite an addictively uneasy feeling that is similar Cactus's, the game does not seem to be that fun, it does not seem to be 'finished' somehow. Pardon me but somehow I feel that if the scale of the infinity symbol is enlarged I guess it would be more easy for the player to follow the keynotes since to slow it down makes the game flow boring. Nonetheless, I might be quite silly but I feel that the game mechanic is very promising but the execution is not there yet. well, I never play it anyway, should try it and then write. but too lazy for that.

I am wondering Dance Dance Revolution is taking this mechanic off, or they did?

Captain Obvious says :
visually cool rhythm game with nice multiplayer mechanic. and cat in a suit.

oh again?