why on earth all the games for BUNPI! today are having CAPLOCKed titles?
well I actually wanted to have more than 2 posts today but it is quite late already and I have to wake up quite early.

so yeah, enjoy!

as seen in tigsource.com

Not a fan of purple shades but hell yeah STEALER from Winged doom is looking gorgeous! Despite of boring theme of dystopian society with all those cool far future thingies, IMHO this game will win the audience like what Bastion did with its beautiful presentation.

It might be kind of unfair to see this write up about a game that seems fairly okay yet beautiful. Well, I am not a fan of pretty things too, it is just the level of good graphic (pixels) design to depict a great atmosphere is amazing. Some says Canabalt art style is similar, but I guess the details in this game is what makes it distinctive. Some says it feels like Flashback, well I guess that is the point but is presented in another style that is again quite distinctive. This game somehow IMHO looks pretty original, suprisingly.

On the other aspect, this game is somewhat not following the archetype of cyberpunk games which are probably either action platforming or point-click adventure. The developer decided to have mechanic that is similar to suteF or Limbo which is a fairly good decision. Emphasizing on letting the audience take their time in the game while showing off the visual aspect of the game is probably the best way to enjoy this game.

The title is however is kind of not standing out.

Captain Obvious says : 
Gorgeous cyber punk game with Limbo-like gameplay.

it struck to my mind that Flashback was actually my professor choice of game as an example for good platforming and story telling.