judging from the period of absence in blog posting, I am probably a busy superstar that you would never know.
or just forget about the existence of this blog.

as seen in indiegames.com

I admit that the noble duty that they had been carried through to revive arcade genre is touching. Yet, almost none interests me really besides overrated Super Crate Box which is still quite clever. Luftrausers, IMHO, the most interesting and I guess, is the next big thing from vlambeer. 

There are hundreds or even thousands (almost) indie games in shooter but sadly most of them are just lack of bold concept, ending up as a copy of each other. Luftrausers, an improved sequel, shows that again arcade is a matter of concept not a copy. Challenging those highly advanced, complex and realistic games with a technologically-not-challenging game is unfavorable except for those pretentious hippies.

Dogfighting game that has amazing control, animation and sound effect is also equipped with an unique mechanic yet not a gimmick. Customization is one trick, silly name is another trick. Sunset-like Sepia palette against silhouette foreground is an effective art style yet easy for the artist to manage. Cleverness is probably the first thing I smell from the video and the prequel.

Or maybe Money

Captain Obvious says :
Lovely dog fighting arcade game that has a tight concept, sweet animation and cool noises.

to be honest I was having exams, attachments and holiday so left this blog for a while.
I am back anyway!