BUNPI! - Sphere

it is actually quite annoying even for myself to see all my writing is about people's projects when I have nothing to show to other people,
well I am actually start designing stuffs, when the time comes, I will be narcissistic.

as seen in indiegames.com

The rising popularity of 3D puzzle platformer seems to be not silly unlike zombies, voxels and zombies. Sphere from students from Enjmin called Team Sphere is rather a usual looking game with an interesting puzzle mechanic in contribution of this niche genre.

I am a proud fan of earthly and muted colors, however I am not that impressed by the visual they present on the game yet it is still pleasing. In the realm of Orientalism of middle east(hopefully that is what they are trying to convey) the player is traversing through puzzling environment. An unique mechanic, by 'recording' the movement of the ball and 'replaying' it as our movement, is pretty clever. As a student project, this idea and the mechanic is really promising and I can imagine how it would be elaborated further, like Q.U.B.E. did but with more awesomeness.

I personally think that the environment could be less claustrophobic but I realized that it could be actually a problem for the mechanic.  Breaking out from the usual theme of 3D puzzle platformer is actually very appreciated whereby the boredom of futuristic prison breaker lab rat is already sickening. I personally wish that the team or at least one of member could continue to improve this sphere game.

And I consider that the team has spheres too. sphere? ball? get it? oh my lame.

Captain Obvious says :
exotic 3D puzzle platformer that use 'sphere' motion as the main mechanic.

I am dozing off while writing this post,